Raw Dog Screaming Press • 2007
$29.95 • Hardcover • 6" x 9" • ISBN 9781933293233 • 212 pages
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Publisher: Jennifer Barnes
Author: D. Harlan Wilson


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Winner of the Stick Figure Prize for Language & Literature and the Wonderland Book Award for best Bizarro novel of 2007, Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia takes place in the irreal, postcapitalist city of Bliptown, where time ticks sideways, artificial Bug-Eyed Monsters punish citizens for consumer-capitalist lethargy, and ultraviolence is as essential as a daily multivitamin. The action begins when the psychotic surrogate-android of a disgruntled English professor accitentally murders a student, then a few facutly and staff members, then a movie star, all of which incites the anger and vengeance of the entire Amerikan nation. Wilson's debut novel marks the first installment of the Scikungfi trilogy.


"A blur-fast caper through a mediated nightmare future which will thankfully be prevented by a series of massive and man-made disasters." Steve Aylett, author of Slaughtermatic and Lint

"Dr. Identity is a rollicking romp through a future so absurd, it can't help but feel real. D. Harlan Wilson shows us everything we know—but wish we didn't—about ourselves." Robert Venditti, writer of The Surrogates

"Let’s dispense with the usual predictable analogies ('Kafka/Cronenberg-on-laughing-gas'), redundancies ('Phillip K. Dick/William Gibson-on-acid'), or accurate-but-somewhat-obscure references ('the most intense and, in a certain sense, the most significant young prose writer since Mark Leyner and Ben Marcus ... establishes Wilson as the Steve Katz of the post-everything generation ... vies with Derek Pell’s The Little Red Book of Adobe LiveMotion for being the funniest book of the new millennium'), and cut to the chase: D Harlan Wilson's hilarious meta-pulp SF novel, Dr. Identity, is a funhouse mirror whose cartoonish distortions continually amaze and amuse—until one realizes that what we’re seeing is a disturbingly accurate vision of ourselves. An instant avant-pop classic by a major new talent. Two surgically-enhanced, stainless-steel thumbs way, way up!” Larry McCaffery, editor of Storming the Reality Studio and After Yesterday’s Crash

"This book's better'n the bushelfull of Benzedrine-spiked donut holes with which Dr. Identity tries to bribe his students into civilized demeanor! Pomo cybertheory never tasted so good or made you fly this high!" American Book Review

"Readers with a taste for wacky experimental fiction will enjoy D. Harlan Wilson's Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaquedemia: A Pulp Science Fiction Novel, set in the postcapitalist city of Bliptown." Publisher's Weekly

“Madcap, macabre black comedy … Wilson's sardonic, riotously imaginative vision of the future holds a mirror up to our own increasingly chaotic society and makes provocative entertainment.” Booklist

"Only those with a yearning for something different, something truly off-the-wall, something that pushes the boundaries of good taste and what they've come to expect from a novel should take the time to journey through D. Harlan Wilson's Bizarro future world. And those who do will find the experience entertaining and at times maybe even a little enlightening." ChiZine


D. Harlan Wilson is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, editor, literary critic, publisher, and Professor of English at Wright State University-Lake Campus. In addition to numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, hundreds of his stories and essays have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies throughout the world in multiple languages. Wilson serves as reviews editor of the academic SF journal Extrapolation and managing editor of Guide Dog Books, the nonfiction syndicate of Raw Dog Screaming Press. He is also the editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press. For more information, visit DHarlanWilson.com and TheKyotoMan.com.