Grimley Bogue
Butter Pat Babies
Steve Rasnic Tem
KJ Hannah Greenberg
Stockholm Syndrome
Lucy Mihajlich
Sayuri Yamada
Konfessin Mouser K.
AE Reiff

Jason Jack Miller
The Blood Poetry
Leland Pitts-Gonzalez
My Hands Were Clean
Tom Bradley
The Tumors
Matthew Revert

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As of March 2013, TDP is in hibernation. We don't know how long it will last. If you have submitted a story or essay and not received a response, please feel free to send your work elsewhere. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We are looking for high-quality, stylized fiction that escapes the boundaries of reality & attempts to represent the unrepresentable by way of absurdity, irrealism, the grotesque, narrative experimentation, dark humor, & ultimately a cult sensibility. In addition to short stories & flash fiction, TDP publishes book reviews, interviews, creative nonfiction, artwork, animation, short films, & literary microcriticism.

TDP is published in May & November. Manuscripts are read all year long. Allow 1-2 months for a reply. TDP retains electronic rights for six months after the initial publication of accepted work. Payment for publication is the price of a cheap vodka martini—by our reckoning, FIVE BUCKS. Think Popov. Maybe Smirnoff. (NOTE: Authors are paid exclusively via PayPal.)

The editorial staff of TDP is highly selective. You are encouraged to read the magazine & get a sense of our aesthetic tastes; such behavior, however, is not mandatory. Above all, make sure your submissions have teeth, & make sure every sentence counts.

Send all queries & submissions as .doc, .docx or .gif email attachments to this address:

stanleyashenbach [at] yahoo [dot] com

Do not paste submissions onto emails. Do not send submissions as .rtf or .wps files. Please include a 100-150 word biography. TDP does not publish poetry.

Fiction & Creative Nonfiction. TDP accepts solicited & unsolicited manuscripts of up to 1,000 words. Manuscripts of 5-500 words are preferred. Translations welcome. No simultaneous submissions or reprints. Submit only one work at a time. No unsolicited novel excerpts. Writing that has formerly appeared in self-published formats will not be considered for publication.

Literary Microcriticism. The maximum length for manuscripts is 500 words. While authors are encouraged to practice new & imaginative styles of texual inquiry on a range of topics, microcriticisms should focus on or concern speculative literature & film in some capacity, or they should themselves capture a speculative methodology. MLA documentation preferred.

Artwork & Animation. Submissions of photographs, paintings, sketches, sculptures, comix, & stand alone cartoons are all welcome. We are especially interested in animated texts & short films.

Reviews & Interviews. Reviews of speculative fiction & nonfiction books published within the last two years are considered for publication. Particularly appealing are reviews of alternative & independent press novels, story collections & anthologies. Likewise is TDP keen on interviews with speculative authors, artists & filmmakers. Self-published works and authors will not be considered for reviews or interviews.