Daniel Ableev
The Secret of the House of Cough
Forrest Aguirre
Wisdom, Companionship & the Brain
KJ Hannah Greenberg
First, Penguins Driving Mazdas
Mykle Hansen
Cheese & Cat Sandwich
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The Nixon Tapes: Part II
Philip Kopel
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Murphy Brown's Newscaster
Kurt Newton
Author Bios Zombie Apocalypse
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The Baby in the Forest

Steve Sommerville
The Floating Bed
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Last Man Standing
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Mother on the Wall

Feature Story
John Edward Lawson
A Brief History of Mummies

Book Excerpts
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The End of Reading

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Posthuman Dada Guide
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Kristen Margiotta


Author Bios after the Zombie Apocalypse
Kurt Newton

Tanya Little pays the bills by teaching dead kids how to walk again.

Amy Jenest has been published in Burn!, Anthrax Diaries, and Make Me Bleed. An amateur filmmaker, Amy is the winner of the 2016 George Romero Award presented to short documentaries focusing on the plight of the living dead.

Tom Campbell lives in Mendocino County, California where he performs freelance wetware reprogramming.

David Rosenfeld hails from Hugo, Oregon where most of his stories are set. He is a student at Rogue Community College. An avid reader since the age of ten, at sixteen he turned to horror when his deceased grandparents came back to live with his family.

Ted Pagano is a minimally trained body artist. He now works in a body shop as a reassembler.

Elias Cruz is a poet living and still hiding in the tunnels of New York City. Like most writers, J.C. Sanborn has had to supplement his income from time to time. Over the decades, he has worked as a movie house manager, drama coach, interior painter, blackjack dealer, media critic, English teacher, roadie, advertising salesman, creative writing instructor, mercenary hunter, interment guard, and storage coordinator.

Valerie Sousa is our first non-living contributor. Eclectic in subject and materials, her art explores a full range of existential states and unnatural experiences.

Andy Mikkelson was born on the shores of Lake Erie. He studied anthropology and linguistics at Ohio State University. His thesis on the "Parallels Between Dead Languages and Languages of the Dead" led to a guest speaker spot at the first annual Post Apocalypse Conference and Wine Tasting Forum held at Irvine, California. He also paints.

Perry Wright is a relative newcomer to the field of writing. He lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife and three mutant cats.

Kurt Newton's writings have appeared in The Dream People, Bare Bone, Weird Tales and Not One of Us. He also has stories in an upcoming issue of Polluto and The Walri Anthology edited by Kevin Donihe. Newton lives with his wife and daughter, two dogs and three cats (none of which are mutant) in the forgotten state of Connecticut.