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The Invisible Giants
AE Reiff

You can see why Hydrocephalic Giants visible only in books are unseen in city canyons where they breed more imprints of themselves than they can eat. Their minions care for them and constantly tidy up, but can’t see them, for the giants are legion and breed even more of themselves.

Invisible giants are also a social problem. We can use colorants to catch them in a net like wind, for the invisible squirmings are detected by gravitational displacement, but the best chance is to track the mutant imprints by their ballooning mushroom heads. A lot like mushroom caps, there is a white pallor to their skin and the encephalapod stalks are tough. Their bone littered dens and besotted hydrophobic bits are cleaned by little dogs.

The giants eat poets and to that end our wit and blurb suffice to create more farms where these are grown. MFA stands for the Mouthful Feeding Anomaly they consume like candy bits to multiply. The more they eat the more they get. The question for these little dogs is how to make the giants appear.

Giants slay worldwide by their material void of presence. It sounds contradictory, but Encephalitic Reality is territorially invisible. The footprints of giants on earth are not solely artifacts. You can follow them like craters on the moon, but if you had one you would expect a hole. To cast that hole, you must produce a slump. At meteor crater such impact space is called nihil cognentesis solipsis, twisted out. To the naked eye we hardly think there is an imprint at all, they’re so big they’re hard to see, surrounding everything with folds of metaversal flesh. Confined merely to the fact that all of this is going on while we lead ordinary lives is amazing only if you realize none of it is visible.

Another sign of these giants is the growing obesity whose quantities increase from the many farms so that today even groups of readers in town consume, for giants feed their “cows and chickens,” or readers and thinkers of the day, with artificial feed much as we do our herds. These don’t graze unpastured as they used to. In feedlot libraries and slaughterhouse universities, what is consumed is not merely seen. It is the mind not the flesh the monoploid eats.

Sure that leaves behind a lot of walking shells, another problem. It takes a sheet to catch the wind. In buildings, down basements, respect, respect, respect the mind they say, but feed. There are better quality cuts of mind meat, as you might think, the professors of mind-yum.

Encephalitic giants at table with Family Und consume also the cousins of poets, for each discipline adds to the dole. Science farms are as active as poets, and there are religious schools galore, schools of industry on even larger scale. That is why the population grows, six billion today, eleven billion tomorrow, because the giants are multiplying so fast they need to eat, but market too much food. Measuring populations by the feedlots you see how this proliferates.

Eat more, eat more, they plead until you pop, like a buzzard that can’t fly. Another solution is, since the food base grows so rapidly, to create more markets and make more people until mentality is so great that there will be need to colonize. Then other planets may be assigned. No food is greater than this need.

AE Reiff worked in a foundry washing the letters off of tombstones. He operated a superheated bath with caustic derivatives where the names and dates of the deceased were affixed in bronze letters with wax. Working over a vat fired by large burners, with arm length rubber gloves and steel brushes, he washed the letters off, scrubbed the plaques clean and stacked them to dry. He now delivers surfactants for the remediation of pollution sites. To explore these and other problems see here.