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Lynch. Writer & Muscian. Co-founder of Ego Likeness. Coal mine enthusiast. Debut novel: Isabel Burning. Tatoos.

Interview Questions

DHW: Why horror?

DL: I just channel what comes through the ether, and thank god that it's not 'romantic comedy'.

DHW: Why is Isabel burning?

Because she doesn't listen to her intuition as closely as she ought.

DHW: Songs or stories?

DL: Songs that tell stories.

DHW: Brass or woodwinds?

DL: Percussion.

DHW: Poetry or prose?

DL: Prose.

DHW: Is Sarah Palin a monkey?

DL: Yes, but not one of those fun ones you see dressed up like little bellhops. She's one of those mean ones that comes into your room at night, messes up your stuff, and steals all your birth control pills. I don't remember what they're called.

DHW: What does Ego Likeness mean?

DL: Loosely according to Frank Herbert it's a portrait of a person's essence rather than their physical self.

DHW: Favorite author?

DL: GaimanParkerZolaNabokovMcCarthyBarkerLovecraftPoe. Also Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

DHW: Favorite film?

DL: Dead Ringers.

DHW: The human condition?

DL: Predictable.

DHW: Coal mines?

DL: And quarries. Open wounds. Fear and vengeance. Read 'Germinal' by Emile Zola.

DHW: Inflatable objects?

DL: Sometimes.

DHW: Deepest fear?

DL: Mental illness and profound confusion. Also, Furries.

DHW: Upcoming appearances?

DL: 9/26 at Digital Ferret, Philadelphia PA. 10/17 at Your Inner Vagabond, Pittsburgh PA (as Ego Likeness). 10/31 at Ascension, Club Orpheus, Baltimore MD (as Ego Likeness).

DHW: Upcoming projects?

DL: New book. New EP. New full length album. New art.


Website. Go there.


See DL read from Isabel Burning at Horrorfind 10 (August 2008) here.