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Arnzen. Horror author. Professor. Four Stokers. Beard.

Interview Questions

DHW: Why horror?

MA: Horror "goes there." That thrills me.

DHW: Why academia?

MA: I like bobbing in the think tank.

DHW: King or Poe?

MA: Poe. He's crazier and took more risks. But they're very different writers and King has a crazy, risky side too that I admire. "Survivor Type" and "Tell Tale Heart" are my all time faves.

DHW: Zombies or vampires?

MA: Zombies. Meat is more fulfilling

DHW Poetry or prose?

MA: I don't think I understand the difference. I like my words horizontal AND vertical.

DHW: Was Freud a horror author?

MA: NO because sometimes a horror author is just a horror author.

DHW: What’s a gorelet? A shock nugget. The smallest possible unit of fear. A spurt of dark thought, often taking the shape of a horror poem or flash horror fiction. Something squishy in my shoe.

DHW: Favorite author?

MA: Impossible question, but I presently favor Thomas Ligotti. Perhaps I'm battling depression.

DHW: Favorite film?

MA: The power of The Exorcist still compels me.

DHW: The human condition?

MA: Foolish—but there's still hope in the clown car.

DHW: Skulls?

MA: The most artful and uncanny of the bones. I admire the smile of tooth decay.

DHW: Deepest fear?

MA: Stasis. Ennui. Freeze-dried reality.

DHW: Upcoming appearances?

MA: Ohio State U guest appearance and a writer's workshop at Context Convention, both in Columbus this September. Followed by more brainy fun at the Zombiefest in Pittsburgh in October.

DHW: Upcoming projects?

MA: The Popular Uncanny from Guide Dog Books, an academic study of all things weird (dismembered hands, doppelgangers, etc.) in pop culture. Stories in a lot of anthologies. Sequel to "Born of Man of Woman" in the Richard Matheson tribute book, He Is Legend. Tale inspired by "The Hungry Heart" in a Bruce Springsteen anthology from PS Publishing, Darkness on the Edge. Stories about lightning, New York City, custard pie, and more more more in the year ahead.


Website. Go there.


See MA read from 100 Jolts at Horrorfind 10 (August 2008) here. And here is MA's tribute to Raw Dog Screaming Press.