Grimley Bogue
Butter Pat Babies
Steve Rasnic Tem
KJ Hannah Greenberg
Stockholm Syndrome
Lucy Mihajlich
Sayuri Yamada
Konfessin Mouser K.
AE Reiff

Jason Jack Miller
The Blood Poetry
Leland Pitts-Gonzalez
My Hands Were Clean
Tom Bradley
The Tumors
Matthew Revert


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The Dream People offers an alternative to the maelstrom of blasé writing that overpopulates the aqueducts. Ours is a mirage incited by the thirst for a fresh approach, a slip inside the cracks between what we are told is acceptable, a new (ir)reality that defies definition. We hope to provide authors & readers alike with an oasis in the cultural desert that surrounds us. Join us for a dance through the palatial ruins of conformity & discover for yourself that its pillars support nothing at all ...

"Today, like yesterday, I will try & fail to walk across the eggshells of reality as if they were pavement."
—Lofton Gitt, The Drab Peninsula

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