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J.G. Ballard
Three Plays

Battle w/o Honor or Humanity
They Live

The Biographizer Trilogy



The Kyoto Man

Codename Prague
They Had Goat Heads
Technologized Desire
Blankety Blank

Dr. Identity

Brandon Duncan

Vincent Prague

Dr. Identity

This is the official website of D. HARLAN WILSON. DHW is a novelist, short-story writer, literary critic, playwright, editor, publisher and professor.

DHW is the author of over twenty works of fiction and nonfiction, among them Modern Masters of Science Fiction: J.G. Ballard, Battle without Honor or Humanity, Cultographies: They Live, Primordial: An Abstraction, Douglass: The Lost Autobiography, Freud: The Penultimate Biography, Hitler: The Terminal Biogrpahy, The Kyoto Man, Codename Prague, Dr. Identity, They Had Goat Heads, Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance, and Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction. Hundreds of his stories and essays have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies across the world in multiple languages.

DHW holds a M.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, a M.A. in Science Fiction Studies from the University of Liverpool, and a Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University. He is a professor of English and the director of Humanities and Social Sciences at Wright State University-Lake Campus.

In addition to writing and teaching, DHW is the reviews editor for the academic journal Extrapolation, the managing editor of Guide Dog Books, and the editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press.